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When trying to diagnose certain problems with your Harvest SCM Server, CA Support may request that you increase your “hserver logging level”.  If you have received this request, this document explains how to do that.


CA Harvest SCM version 12.1 and higher, all platforms


There are 2 ways to increase your HServer logging level.  One requires an update to your HServer.arg file and a restart of the SCM Broker and HServers, and the other can be done from a command prompt window that does not require a SCM Broker restart:

To increase the logging level in your HServer.arg file:

·         On the SCM Broker machine, navigate to the folder where SCM is installed (%CA_SCM_HOME% on a Windows machine, $CA_SCM_HOME on a Linux or Unix machine) and locate a file named HServer.arg.  Edit this file with your preferred text editor and add the following line:


·         Save and close the file and then restart your SCM Broker.

To increase the logging level using the command prompt window:

·         Open a command prompt window on the broker machine and navigate to the folder where the SCM command line utilities are installed (%CA_SCM_HOME% on a Windows machine, $CA_SCM_HOME/bin on a Linux or Unix machine).  Then execute the following command:

hdbgctrl -b brokername -prompt hserver:on:5:all

(where “brokername” should be replaced with the hostname of the broker machine)

·         The command will prompt for username and password.  Supply the Harvest SCM login credentials of an administrator on the Harvest SCM System (same credentials you would use when logging into the Harvest SCM Administrator Tool)

·         Once the command completes, a hdbgctrl.log file will be created in the same folder from which the command was run.  You can execute this command to see the log file and confirm whether the command was successful:

(On a Windows machine) type hdbgctrl.log

(on a Linux or Unix machine) more hdbgctrl.log


The hdbgctrl commandline process will overwrite any current HServer.arg logging setting. Also if server side logging is being conducted, then hdbgctrl will stop the current server logging and produce new HBroker and HServer logs specific to the settings from the hdbgctrl input parameters. This allows the Harvest administrator to focus server logging on a specific client machine or a specific Harvest transaction type to provide more detailed server logging for debug analysis.

Either of these methods will increase the logging level to 5, so you only have to choose one or the other.

Additional Information:

More information on the hdgbctrl command can be found in the Command Line Reference Guide



Release: SCMNCR99000-12.5-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem