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Virtual Machine element discovered as Pingable, not SNMP Managed


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration



CA Performance Manager (CAPM) is integrated with CA Spectrum. CA Spectrum synchronizes device models to the CA Performance Manager tool. The Data Aggregator Data Source in the CAPM system is configured to automatically discover the devices synchronized to CAPM.

A vCenter server, running the SystemEDGE SNMP agent with the VCAIM plugin is managing a number of Virtual Machine (VM) systems. The Virtual Machines do not yet have SNMP agents running on them but will have them added later.

After initial discovery in Spectrum, the vCenter server model is synchronized to CAPM and discovered via the Data Aggregator. At this point the VM's are correctly discovered as Pingable VM servers in both tools.

When the VM servers have SNMP agents running on them at a later date, configuration in the CA Spectrum Virtual Host Manager (VHM) code discovers the SNMP agents and updates the VM models from Pingable to SNMP Managed.


Despite the correct credentials in the configured SNMP Profiles, the same VM elements in the Data Aggregator remain Pingable showing limited data. Why is this?



For a more complete explanation of how the discovery functions in relation the CA Performance Manager and CA Spectrum integration please review Knowledge Base article ID TEC619139.


Spectrum upgrades its VM model from Pingable to SNMP Managed when it receives a response from the now running SNMP agent on the VM. This is done when the VHM is configured properly while running its regular vCenter inventory update cycles and discovery attempts.


In this scenario we now have:

  • The VM model already synchronized to CAPM
  • The VM already discovered in the Data Aggregator as a Pingable element
  • The VM upgraded in Spectrum to SNMP Managed after initial synchronization to CAPM and the Data Aggregator

In this scenario, short of a host name or IP address change on the VM synchronized to CAPM from Spectrum, this model change from Pingable to SNMP Managed in Spectrum won't be picked up by the integration. 


To resolve this, the VM will need a discovery run against it in CAPM. This is done manually via the Data Aggregator and will update the Pingable VM element to SNMP Managed. To do this:

  1. Ensure an SNMP Profile with the appropriate credentials and port specified for success access to this SNMP agent is present in CAPM.
  2. Create a new Discovery Profile and add this VM servers IP to it (or use an existing Discovery Profile and add the IP to it).
  3. Run the Discovery Profile


This discovery should get a response from the new SNMP agent. When it does the existing VM Pingable element should be updated to be an SNMP Managed VM.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator