Change default log location of DevTest components


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


This document details on how to select a particular location for the DevTest log files.


Release: LSASVR99000-9.51-LISA-Server


Create a file named in %USER_HOME% folder or $USER_HOME directory and add the line below in it:

lisa.tmpdir=<New location>

Example1 : lisa.tmpdir=C:\\DevTestLogs
Where DevTestLogs is a folder.
Ensure to specify double slashes in Windows OS.  

Example2 : lisa.tmpdir=/DevTestLogs
Where DevTestLogs is a directory in UNIX. 

For the log files from Enterprise Dashboard and DevTest Portal, add the line below in that particular components vmoptions file like "Additional Information". 

-Dlisa.tmpdir=<New Location>

Additional Information

The above examples will divert almost all DevTest component's logs to C:\\DevTestLogs or /DevTestLogs. If you wish to change the log location of only one or two specific components, then add the line below in that particular components vmoptions file. 

-Dlisa.tmpdir=<New Location>

For example in Windows OS, you need to divert the logs of simulator and coordinator alone to C:\DevTestLogs and continue to write every other component’s logs to the default location, then edit the Simulator.vmoptions/SimulatorService.vmoptions and Coordinator.vmoptions/CoordinatorService.vmoptions depending on whether you are running it as a standalone or a service and add the below line in them: