How to change ACO individual attributes without the AdminUI ?
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How to change ACO individual attributes without the AdminUI ?


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Can we modify ACO individual attributes using XPS explorer ?


No, you can modify Name, Desc but Attributes are presented like a global string.
If you would like to modify individual attributes and you can not use the AdminUI you can :

1. Use XPSExplorer to create a cart with only the ACO you want to modify

>> to create the cart you have to browse the ACO and add to the Cart

example :

OBJECT MENU ************************************************************ #2355

......................... Object Meta Data ........................
         XID: CA.SM::[email protected]
Actual Class: CA.SM::AgentConfig
  Base Class: CA.SM::AgentConfig
    In Cache: yes (4)
     Created: 2012-07-19 09:15:54 GMT
Last Updated: 2012-07-19 09:16:31 GMT
          By: XPSDictionary::Import (via Internal)
......... Attributes from CA.SM::AgentConfig (Base Class) .........
    Attributes                      = #AcceptTPCookie=0==
    Name                            = "XXXXXXXXXX"
M    - Display Meta Data
J    - Display Joined Attribute value
L    - Display Links
R    - Display Related records (4 types)
P    - Polymorph object (2 classes)
W    - Get writable copy
D    - Delete Object
A    - List 3 Attributes

X    - Add to XCart (use Mode: DEFAULT)
+    - Change XCart Mode
Q    - Quit
Enter Option (MJLRPWDAX+Q): X

>>> Menu X -> Add to the Cart

Then you will have to go back to the main menu : Q / Q / Q and go to the XCat management (X) to save the Cat to a new file


XCart MENU *********************************************************** Unsaved

There is 1 object in the cart.

 1-CA.SM::[email protected]
   Import mode: DEFAULT
       (I) Name                            : "XXXXXX"

L    - Load cart from file.
S    - Save cart to file: Xcart.txt
M    - Load cart from an ExtractManifest.
N    - Save cart to a new file.
T    - Save cart to a new ExtractManifest.

A    - Set import mode to ADD.
O    - Set import mode to OVERLAY.
R    - Set import mode to REPLACE.
D    - Set import mode to default.

Z    - Clear the cart.

Q    - Quit
Enter Option (L.S,M,N,T,A,O,R,D,Z or Q): s
File saved.

XCart MENU ************************************************************* Saved

2. Use XPSExport to create an export file with the XCart generated

>>>> XPSExport <outputfile> -xf <XCartfile> -npass

3. Use XPSExplorer to delete the ACO

4. Edit the Export file generated and edit the attribute

5. Use XPSImport to import the ACO

>>>> XPSImport <inputfile> -npass

6. Verify the import of the ACO using the XPSExplorer

7. Restart the policy Server and AdminUI to have the change fully changed in the whole system

Additional information:

Documentation on XPSTools:


Release: ETRSBB99000-12.52-SiteMinder-B to B