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Instructions to Verify EEM Failover


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You can verify your EEM multi-server environment is replicating policies between the primary and secondary server, by creating a test policy on the primary server.  Then replicate it to the secondary server.  Once verified it is on the secondary server, delete it from that server; and verify the policy has been deleted on the primary server. 


EEM 12.x


Verify EEM failover (primary to secondary; then secondary back to primary)

Step 1: 

On the Primary EEM Server – Create a ‘Test’ Policy:

1a) Log into the EEM UI on the Primary Server

1b) Click on the ‘Managed Access Policies’ tab

1c) Click on the icon next to ‘Delegation Policies’ and it should open a New Delegation Policy configuration screen, on the right pane.

1d( Type “Test” within the ‘Folder Name’ field and put a check mark next to ‘Disable’, then click on Save & the Close (on the top right).


Step 2: 

On the Secondary EEM Server – Verify the ‘Test’ Policy:

2a) Log into the EEM UI on the Secondary Server.

2b) Click on the ‘Managed Access Policies’ tab, and then click on ‘Delegation Policies’.

2c) You should see the “Test” policy that was created.  If it is there, then replication from Primary->Secondary is working.


At this point the Primary to Secondary Failover/Replication configuration is successful!


Now test the reverse – Secondary to Primary Failover/Replication configuration. 


Step 3: 

Still On the Secondary EEM Server – Delete the “Test” Policy:

3a) Now click on “Test” in order to open on the Policy settings, and click on the Delete tab on the top right, then Close.


Step 4: 

Then On the Primary EEM Server - Verify the ‘Test’ Policy has been Deleted:  

4a) Go back to the Primary EEM Server’s UI and click on the ‘Managed Access Policies’ tab, and then click on ‘Delegation Policies’.

4b) The “Test” Policy that was deleted shouldn’t be listed.  If it’s not listed, then replication from Secondary-to-Primary is working.

Additional Information

You can run this verification for as many EEM servers you have in your environment. 

First would be primary to secondary, then primary to tertiary, etc.