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Startup fails with EJBMDOrchestr E CNTR0075E: The user-provided com.workpoint.server.ejb.EJSRemoteStatelessServerConADMA ADMA0245W: EJBDeploy feature is not installed. Cannot execute "deploy enterprise beans" option.


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Websphere server fails to start after an IDM installation with many ejb deployment failures like these:

[12/3/15 9:59:38:009 BRST] 000003e1 EJBMDOrchestr E CNTR0075E: The user-provided class "com.workpoint.server.ejb.EJSRemoteStatelessServerConfigPvt_EJB_44cee6a9" needed by the EnterpriseBean could not be found or loaded. 

[12/3/15 9:59:38:010 BRST] 000003e1 SharedEJBRunt E WSVR0068E: Attempt to start EnterpriseBean iam_im#wpServer.jar#ServerConfigPvt_EJB failed with exception: Bean class com.workpoint.server.ejb.EJSRemoteStatelessServerConfigPvt_EJB_44cee6a9 could not be found or loaded ....

The problem is cause by the EJBs not having been deployed because Websphere's EJBDeploy tool was not running.

The installation log, caiamsuite.log, also lists the following message.

:ADMA0245W: EJBDeploy feature is not installed. Cannot execute "deploy enterprise beans" option. 

The above message means that EJBDeploy tools was not installed.


Install WebSphere's EJBDeploy tool. 

Below is a link to a Websphere technote about installing the tool. Please contact your Websphere administrator or IBM's WAS support for details. 

Once the EJBDeploy tool is instaledl the EJBs will successfully deploy and IDM will startup.


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