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CA 1 Module ID utility.


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CAMODID is a CA Common Services, TSO command processor utility which will find the #MODID block in load modules located in common storage or selected load module datasets. The #MODID block contains product related information including the service level of the load module elements. This process can also be executed in batch. The JCL for CA 1 is attached below.


#MODID blocks contain:

Ø  <!--[endif]-->Module element name

Ø  <!--[endif]-->Owning product’s FMID and RMID(PTF)

Ø  <!--[endif]-->Assembly date and time

Ø  <!--[endif]-->Name of owning product

Available with:

Ø  <!--[endif]-->CA Common Services R14.0 PTF RO44913

Ø  <!--[endif]-->CA Common Services R14.1

Sample report from TLMS CAMODID.



    TLMSALOG CATLC60 CATLC60 20110218 13.52 CA TLMS R12.6

    TLMSVMRW CATLC60 TR61694 20140117 07.37 CA TLMS R12.6

    TLMSINIT CATLC60 CATLC60 20110218 13.54 CA TLMS R12.6



    TLMSSEDM CATLC60 CATLC60 20110218 13.55 CA TLMS R12.6



    TLMSASRV CATLC60 CATLC60 20110218 13.52 CA TLMS R12.6


File Attachment: camodid.txt

Additional Information:

If you are looking for the same module utility but for TLMS instead of CA 1, please see TEC1827458. 


Release: ONE...00200-12.6-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT