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CA MATUNE r 11.0 CICS Start message TN8887S Cannot link to program TC68CPLT.


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Mainframe Application Tuner



After installing CA Mainframe Application Tuner(CA MAT) r 11.0 I receive the following error  message at CICS startup time in my CICS 4.2 region.

TN8887S Cannot link to program TC67CPLT.


Z/OS and CICS 4.2 


The CA MAT r 11.0  CICS 4.2 CSD entries were not copied to the DFHCSD file of the CICS region in question. Or the CSD entries were copied but an older version of a previous release are still being used. 

A second cause of this error message could be the incorrect placement of the CA MAT r 11.0 PLTPI program TC00CPLT. This program must be placed in the CICS PLTPI after the DFHDELIM.   


As per the CA MAT r 10.0 CICS installation steps please migrate and install the CSD entries that correspond to the CICS level and insure they are installed at CICS startup time. In this case CA MAT PLTPI program TC00CPLT checks the CICS level of the starting CICS region(4.2) and links to program TC67CPLT. If a PPT does not exist for program TC67CPLT the message TN8887S Cannot link to program TC67CPLT will be generated. 

Also make sure the CA MAT r 11.0 PLTPI program TC00CPLT is placed after the DFHDELIM in the PLTPI used at CICS startup time.




Additional information:

View the CICS startup output and make sure the proper RDO group and CSD entries are being installed at CICS startup time.


Component: MATUNE