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UIM - How to import a probe .zip file into the archive in Infrastructure Manager.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) probes are zip files that are not to be manually unzipped or extracted, but rather imported as-is into the UIM archive.


Release: UIM 8.5x/9.x/20.x
Component: IM


Open the following URL: and click on the Login button.

Supply the username, password, and click on the Login button. Do NOT press Enter.

Click on ARCHIVE, locate the desired probe and click on the icon to download the file. Do not extract the file. Simply import into Archive.


  1. Download the [probe].zip to the hub with the archive into which you want to import it ("Downloads" or "Desktop" will do.)
    2. Ensure you are logged into that hub in Infrastructure Manager (IM)
    3. Select that hub archive in the left column of IM, so that the archive probes show in the right field.
    4. Right-click in the list of archive probes on the right for a menu
    5. Select "Import" from the menu (as seen below), and in the pop-up, navigate to the downloaded zip file, select it and click "Open"

Then the probe will appear in the archive.


Image: Shown - pop-up menu from step 4, and selecting "Import" from step 5.