Using Gen Static or Dynamic Triggers in z/OS
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Using Gen Static or Dynamic Triggers in z/OS


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In Prior releases of Gen, only statically linked triggers were used.  Beginning with Gen r8.0, dynamic triggers were offered.  Why use static or dynamic triggers in Gen r8.0 or r8.5?


Release: 8.5


When upgrading from Gen r7.6 or 8.0 to Gen 8.5, triggers do not need to be regenerated and installed unless there was a change.  If using dynamic triggers from static triggers, all applications from the Gen model will need to be regenerated and installed to accommodate the change.  It is an option to do a portion of the triggers static and some dynamic, but this is the customer’s responsibility to keep up with the format.  Dynamic triggers can make processing more efficient because it is only held in memory and referenced when needed.  The TSO Test Facility cannot be used when using dynamic triggers because the DB2 Call Attach module is set for the specified TP Monitor at the time the RI triggers were created.  For dynamic triggers, the DTF (Dynamic Trace facility) can be used to trace Gen modules.