How to re-create inadvertently-deleted etaadmin in Provisioning Manager?
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How to re-create inadvertently-deleted etaadmin in Provisioning Manager?


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How to re-create inadvertently-deleted etaadmin in the Provisioning Manager?



Component: IDMGR



  1. Run Jxplorer and open a connection




  1. Enter the required details


Host: <Provisioning server IP/hostname>

Port: 20394

Protocol: LDAP v3

Base DN: dc=etadb

Level: User + Password

User DN: eTDSAContainerName=DSAs,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc=etadb

Password: <password used when installing the provisioning directory)>



  1. After connecting to the Provisioning directory


  1. Create a temp user


  1. Set a password (eTPassword) for the temp user:



  1. Set admin profile (eTUserAdminProfile) for the temp user:


eTAdminProfileName=DomainAdministrator,eTAdminProfileContainerName=Admin Profiles,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc=im




  1. Click Submit to save the user creation



  1. Log onto Provisioning Manager with the temp user



  1. Create a global user etaadmin (or the one that was deleted) with the below settings:


User tab:

Make sure it is set in Active state.



Password tab:



SAWI/DAWI Admin tab:



Admin Profiles tab:



Administrative Privileges tab:



 Workflow Security tab:


Click Apply to save the etaadmin.

  1. Log out of Provisioning Manager and log back in with the etaadmin
  2. Verify things work as expected.
  3. Delete the temp user via Provisioning Manager.