Identifying source of "no data" in CA Mediation Manager
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Identifying source of "no data" in CA Mediation Manager


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CA Mediation Manager



When no data is appearing in eHealth or Performance Center for elements managed via CA Mediation Manager, you need to identify where the problem lies, either with CAMM or with the Element Management System (EMS) it is polling. The following describes how to check the EMS to see if its providing data per the particular CAMM Device Pack configuration.


CAMM Device Packs are designed to poll specific devices and are configured solely for that particular device at time of deployment. Over time, if something changes on the device (referred to as the Element Management System or EMS) that impacts on its related CAMM device pack, then its possible that this change may prevent the Device pack from either gathering data or processing it correctly before upload to eHealth or CA PC.

As such, the first step in the diagnosing of the problem should be to check if the EMS is still providing the CAMM device pack with the data it is configured to poll and in the correct format.



eHealth 6.2.x and later with CAMM 2.1.x and later or CA Performance Center



Can be done by checking the ExternalGlobalVariables.xml file for the details of the EMS and then logging in to see when the last files were created. The following is an example for the Huawei U2000PTN CAMM Device Pack:

> cd $CAMM_HOME/COMPONENTS/ENGINE_HuaweiU2000PTN/repository

> less ExternalGlobalVariables.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

<GlobalVariables> <!-- Only these variables are parsed to the EngineStartupConfig.xml and DeviceConfig XML files -->

                <Variable name="EMS_IP">192.168.999.999</Variable>

                <Variable name="EMS_PORT">22</Variable>

                <Variable name="EMS_USERNAME">u2000</Variable>

                <Variable name="EMS_PASSWORD">u2000</Variable>

                <Variable name="EMS_SSHKEYFILE"/>

                <Variable name="EMS_BASEDIRECTORY">/opt/U2000/server/output</Variable>

                <Variable name="EMS_DELTATIME">900</Variable>

                <Variable name="PERFORMANCE_POLL_RATE">0 */15 *</Variable>

                <Variable name="UNWANTED_DEVICE_LIST">modelU2000</Variable>

                <Variable name="UNWANTED_BRANCH_LIST">TIM-XXXX</Variable>



From the above example, the EMS has an IP address of 192.168.999.999 and username/password of u2000. Simply ssh to this and then check the base directory (specified by the EMS_BASEDIRECTORY tag, in this case, /opt/U2000/server/output) for the latest files.

If there are files, ensure that they are in the same format as originally specified for the CAMM Device Pack to read.



Component: MEDMGR