IMS Data Loggers
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IMS Data Loggers


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The IMS Data Loggers, which are subtasks that execute in the CA SYSVIEW main address space, collect and log detailed IMS transaction information. Each IMS control region being monitored requires a separate IMS Data Logger. Each IMS Data Logger logs IMS transaction data collected by the IMS data collection routines to SMF and/or internal log files used for online display.



IMS Data Logger functionality involves several parmlib members which control the initialization and function of IMS Data Loggers.

1. The IMSLOGR parmlib member allows you to specify where detailed transaction data is to be written. You may choose SMF,

    the internal product log files, or both. In addition, you may specify an SMF record number if you choose to log data to SMF.

2. The IMSMON parmlib member allows you to specify which IMS control regions, transactions, and resources to monitor.


Starting an IMS Data Logger may be accomplished manually, or automatically.

1. IMS Data loggers may use the auto start function defined in the IMSDATA parmlib member to automatically start when a new IMS control region is found.

2. IMS Data loggers can be manually controlled by using the START and STOP line commands on the ASADMIN display. Each IMS Data logger appears as a row               identified by the task name IMSLOGR on the ASADMIN display. The IMS control region associated with the IMS Data logger appears in the ID column.  

      Note - To display detailed IMS transaction data using CA SYSVIEW, issue the IMSTIMES, IMSDAILY, IMSWAITS and IMSTLOG commands.

In summary, CA SYSVIEW can collect detailed IMS transaction and resource usage information by defining IMS Data Loggers for your IMS control regions.


Release: FAQSO.00200-14.1-SYSVIEW-Performance Management