APM Team Center Map - Frontends & Backends
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APM Team Center Map - Frontends & Backends


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  We installed CA APM 10.x in our environment that includes EP Agents, .Net/ Websphere Agents. Metric Browser shows all servers connected and collecting data. But when checking on team center - perspective - hostname, I am not able to find all the servers available in Metric Browser. 


 CA Application Performance Management 10.7


APM Team Center only shows those components which are detected as Frontend\Backends and the corresponding agent sends required vertices\edges (relationship  between frontend\backend) to the EM. One would expect to see only the .NET\Java Agents (Node JS Agents as well if 10.1+ EM version) hostnames show in the perspective assuming they are reporting Frontend\Backend data and are fully exercised, EPAgents will not be displaying in the Team Center UI. 

 Introscope agents detect business transactions and frontends and detect their dependencies. Agents then report this information as data to the Enterprise Manager, which stores the data in the APM database. Also, it sends the data to the Workstation\Webview for display. Starting with APM 10.1, EM by default uses Transaction Traces sent by Agent to build the APM Team Center map. However, still there is no change in requirement for an agent-detected Frontend\Backend to be there.

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