Test action stuck with CA Release Automation Agent
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Test action stuck with CA Release Automation Agent


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)



When trying to run a test action from the ROC it results in either: 

  • Initializing process run; or
  • Initializing process run failed. 



Release Operations Center (ROC)

Release Automation Agent 



1. Windows/Linux: This has been seen to be related to the browser session. When trying it from another workstation the ROC session did not experience the problem. While this problem occurred it could be seen in the agent log file that it was receiving and running the action that was being tested. But for some reason the result wasn't being relayed to the browser. If the log files aren't being updated while trying to run the test action then it is not related to the cause described here.

2. Windows Only: This has been seen after opening the properties of the Nolio Agent Windows service, navigating to the Log On tab and changing the properties from "Local System account" to some other user. Specifically, when the user it was changed to is not part of the local Administrators group. 



Resolution for Cause 1:

On the machine that has the problem, changing the URL from current to http://<servername>:8080/datamanagement, navigating again to the application -> action (in designer -> process design -> components), run the test again has been seen to fix the issue. 


Resolution for Cause 2: 

This problem can be resolved by:

  1. Adding the user being used to start the Nolio Agent windows service to the local Administrators group.
  2. Stop/Start the Nolio Agent windows service.
  3. If the problem does persist for some reason after making the change in number 1 then it is an indication that it cannot updates some of the files. To resolve this proceed in deleting the files in the following folders - then stop/start the Nolio Agent windows service:
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\persistency
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\files
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\files_cache
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\files_registry
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\files_temp
    • <NolioAgentInstallDir>\logs 


Additional Information:

The symptoms, cause, and resolution described above (specifically for cause/resolution #2) are typically associated with occurrences of the following messages in the nimi.log file on the agent machine exhibiting these behaviors:

  • could not load fat file persistency
  • problem creating new fat file
  • Can not save entry  nid:<nodeid>
  • FAT not created


Component: RAAGT