How to add dates to a calendar and keep the previous dates ?
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How to add dates to a calendar and keep the previous dates ?


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How can we add new dates in a standard calendar in batch mode?



Workload Automation AE (Any Release )



The first method is to export your calendar in a file, add the new dates to the end of the file, and import the updated file.

 Steps :

  1.        Use the following command to export the calendar into a file :           

               autocal_asc –s calendar_name –E file_name

  1.        Edit the generated file and add the new dates at the end of the file

                   calendar: test2


                 12/29/2016 00:00

                 12/30/2016 00:00

                 12/31/2016 00:00


  1.      Then import the updated file  by using the command :

              autocal_asc –s calendar_name –I file_name -F

                           ( -F  Force overwrite calendars on import)


The second method is to create a file to add the new dates in the standard calendar with the following syntax (without using the export and import commands) :

  1. Create a file with calendar name, letter "A" for "Add" followed by the NEW dates:


                 $ vi file.txt






  1. Use the redirection syntax to add the dates :

                  $ autocal_asc < file.txt

                  For example:







Then run the autocal_asc command with the redirection operator to import the calednar

         autocal_asc < dates.txt