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How can the CA Endevor OVERRIDE SIGNOUT Email be limited to selected actions?


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By default, an OVERRIDE SIGNOUT email will be sent for any action that causes a SIGNOUT-ID change.

Is there a way to change this behavior in order to limit or turn off this feature?



Email notification within CA Endevor SCM is enabled by creating the mainframe ID and email ID table, ESMTPTBL. Once you have activated the feature, notifications are sent according to the defined specifications.  

An option SUPPRESS_OVERRIDE_EMAIL is available in the ENCOPTBL.  This option allows you to choose selected actions to prevent Endevor from sending a notification email to a user when the action requires the signout of an element.

There are several options for you to specify when you want an email to be sent.  The available choices are: 

If you want to stop the Email notification for any Endevor action requiring the Signout of element, set the ENCOPTBL option to ON


If you want to stop the Email notification for a list of particular Endevor actions requiring the Signout of element, set the ENCOPTBL option to ON and code as follows:


In this sample you are turning the feature ON for SIGNIN, ARCHIVE and DELETE actions.  Endevor will not send an email upon user SIGNIN, ARCHIVE or DELETE when an element is already signed out to another user.  However, a notification email will be sent for other actions such as ADD, GENERATE, TRANSFER, RETRIEVE and UPDATE.


Additional Information:

For further information please  refer to the following information found in the CA Endevor Administration Guide:

- Chapter 6:   Using Optional Features -  "Optional Feature Table ENCOPTBL" 

- Appendix E: Using Email Notification 


Release: ENDAE.00200-12-Endevor-Software Change Manager