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How do I delete a server / Device and all of its data without waiting for the retention period to end?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



How do we delete device(s) in UIM/Nimsoft (in an user friendly way)?

The latest available doc/discussion explained that this is a multi step procedure, certainly if you want also to delete the related QoS data.



Attached zip contains a Perl script: that will remove the device by a discovery_server callback + remove all qos data

Input parameters:
 -h: regex device to be deleted string
 -s: simulate run (y,n) default: y
 -l: list detailed list of selected qos to delete (y,n) default: n


Script logic:

  1. sql query: "select name, cs_key, nimbus_type from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM order by name"
  2. match the regex server list entered via -h on the column: "name".  This means that you can have multiple matches for the same server name if this table contains multiple entries for the same server (like this can happens)
  3. all matches on: cs_keys are put in a comma separated string
  4. callback probe discovery_server remove_master_devices_by_cskeys with the list of cs_keys
  5. sql query: "SELECT origin, robot, probe, qos, source, target, r_table, h_table, v_table, table_id FROM S_QOS_DATA"
  6. match the regex server list with the "source" column and create 3 sql delete statements for every encountered qos:
  • DELETE from 'RN_QOS_DATA_0023' where table_id='nnnn'
  • DELETE from 'HN_QOS_DATA_0023' where table_id='nnnn'
  • DELETE from S_QOS_DATA where table_id ='nnnn'



The script was written for Windows and MSSQL (mySQL code is there but must be tested) with Strawberry Perl

In the zip file there is also a doc file that contains more info (you will need to change a file: nimsoft_generic.dat with server & user settings)

compiled version is also included (compiled with Strawberry PP 64bit))


Release: CNMSPP99000-7.6-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem

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