Embedded Entitlement Manager (EEM) Trace when integrated with CA SDM
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Embedded Entitlement Manager (EEM) Trace when integrated with CA SDM


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Steps to enable tracing in Embedded Entitlement Manager (EEM) 12.51 and above.


Release: 17.1 and 17.2
Component: SDEIAM  


EEM – Enable DEBUG Trace

1.  Stop the following services

CA Directory - itechpoz

CA iTechnology iGateway

2.  Navigate to and make a copy of server.xml file:




Please relocate this file outside of this directory.

3.  Open the original server.xml file for editing

4.  Under each of these entries:

<appender name="stdout"

<appender name="ipoz"

<appender name="server"

<appender name="ldap"

<appender name="caldap"

<appender name="performance"

<appender name="spindle"

<appender name="audit"

Search for the following two entries

<param name="maxFileSize" value="10000KB" />

and modify the 10000 to be 1000

5.  For the parameter

<param name="maxBackupIndex" value="1" />

modify the 1 to be 20

NOTE: make the file size and amount to your liking

6.  Under each of these entries:

<logger name="eiam.server.ipoz"

<logger name="eiam.server"

<logger name="eiam.server.ldap"

<logger name="caldap"

<logger name="eiam.server.performance"

<logger name="eiam.ui.spindle"

Search for:

<level value="info" />  &  <level value="error" /> 

and change "info" (or error) to "debug" for each entry 

NOTE: for logger name=”caldap” level value=”debug” section, it must be enabled by removing the comment notations of <!—and -->

NOTE: set the log level to you choice (most prefer debug)

7.  Search for:


<priority value="error"/>

<appender-ref ref="stdout" />


and change "error" to debug

8.  Log files will be under %EIAM_HOME%/logs  and should generate a maximum of 200 MB worth of logging.


iGateway - Tracing (no need to restart services)

1.  Edit logging.properties file located at $IGW_LOC

2.  Replace ERROR with TRACE as shown below

log4cplus.rootLogger=TRACE, ServerLogFile


DXServer – Enable DEBUG Trace (ONLY if requested by Support)

1.  %DXHOME% must be set as follows:

a.(UNIX) set DXHOME=/opt/CA/SharedComponents/Directory/dxserver;export DXHOME;

b.Please modify path to match your environment. For example, dxserver might be under CA/CADirectory, CA/Directory, CA/SC/CADirectory, CA/SharedComponents/CADIrectory

2.  Execute dxinfo, which will create three files and display the location – so that they can be provided for review.

3.  For DEBUG in dxserver:


i.  set trace = error;   -> change error to all

b.  %DXHOME%/config/logging/dxmanager.dxc

i.  set trace = error;   -> change error to all

3.  Log files will be under %DXHOME%/logs

NOTE: “debug” is not accepted here and will cause EEM failures during start-up


CA iTechnology iGateway


CA Directory - itechpoz


CA iTechnology iGateway