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After Upgrading to Gen 8.5, what Gen load libraries need to be in CICS and Batch JCL?


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After upgrading to Gen r8.5, what Gen load libraries need to be included in CICS and BATCH JCL? 



Gen 8.5 is upwardly compatible from Gen r7.6 and Gen r8.0.  Regardless of these prior releases of Gen, only the Gen r8.5 runtime library CEHBPLD1 is required to be included in DFHRPL for CICS or STEPLIB for IMS.  Batch JCL needs reference to both CEHBPLD0 and CEHBPLD1.  To avoid using CEHBPLD0 in batch jobs, copy module TIRIOVFI from CEHBPLD0 to CEHBPLD1.  If this is done, only CEHBPLD1 is required in STEPLIB for batch jobs.



Release: KGNDDL99000-8.5-Gen-DBP Developer License