UIM link missing in the ADA Console
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UIM link missing in the ADA Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


ADA_inventory is successfully configured with UIM and ADA reports/views are successfully displayed in USM but the ADA Console does not display the "CA UIM" link.

The following error is also captured in the ada_inventory.log

[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] getResourceProperty: host=<adahostname>
[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] HTTP response status line: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] Response status from HTTP request: 404
[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] ADA at [adahostname:80] is not registered with any other UIM and is available.
[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] Unable to locate a wasp server to use for portal registration.
[Data Collector - 0, ada_inventory] Skipping UIM portal registration with ADA instance [ADAProfileName] because a propert UIM portal URL could not be determined.



Any UIM 
ada_inventory 1.1+ probe installed on a robot that belongs to a secondary hub
ADA 10.5+


ada_inventory is unable to determine the host IP address of the UMP portal.


To add the missing "CA UIM" link to the ADA Console and/or resolve the HTTP 404 error follow the one of the steps below:
Note: The preferred method to do this would be to do it via an HTTP POST to ADA rather than directly to the DB. 

1. Step via an HTTP POST tool like CURL, WGET, Advance REST Client (Chrome app), etc,:

Method: POST
URL: http://<ADA_CONSOLE_IP>/SuperAgentDataSource/SuperAgentMetricsSourceWS.svc/registrations
Header: Content-Type: application/xml
Body: <Registration xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/NetQoS.SuperAgent.SuperAgentDataSource"><PortalUrl>http://<IP_ADDRESS_OF_UMP>/web/administrator/home</PortalUrl></Registration>

Where <ADA_CONSOLE_IP> is the IP address of the ADA console, and <IP_ADDRESS_OF_UMP> is the IP address of your portal. Should return a “201 Created”.

2. Steps via a direct ADA database update:
a. RDP to the ADA Console and open a command prompt
b. Backup the super.parameter_descriptions table before updating the table in case you need to revert back.

mysqldump super parameter_descriptions > parameter_descriptions_backup.sql

Note: To revert change/restore original table run: mysql super < parameter_descriptions_backup.sql

c. Login to the ADA (super) database instance; mysql super
d. Run the following two insert queries:
Note: Replace <SOME_UNIQUE_ID> with some short string (doesn’t really matter what; you might just use the profile name from the probe config you set up),  and replace <IP_ADDRESS_OF_UMP> with the IP address of your portal.
INSERT INTO `super`.`parameter_descriptions`(`Parameter`,`Level`,`Type`,`DefaultValue`,`Description`) VALUES('uimPortalId', 'Portal', 'string', '<SOME_UNIQUE_ID>', 'Identifies the UIM Portal with which this ADA instance has registered.');
INSERT INTO `super`.`parameter_descriptions`(`Parameter`,`Level`,`Type`,`DefaultValue`,`Description`) VALUES('uimPortalUrl', 'Portal', 'string', 'http://<IP_ADDRESS_OF_UMP>:80/user/', 'The URL of the UIM Portal with which this ADA instance has registered.');

3. Run the following query to validate the table updates:
select * from parameter_descriptions where parameter like '%uim%';

4. Launch a browser and login to the ADA Console, confirm that CA UIM link is displayed and click on the link to ensure it takes you the UMP login screen

5. Deactivate/Activate the ada_inventory probe and confirm that the HTTP 404 error is no longer being reported in the ada_inventory.log