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Can the name of the VSAM Interface Table be changed when using one loadlib in multiple CICS regions?


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Is there a way to have multiple CICS regions use different names for the CA Datacom VSAM Transparency (called VT) VSAM Interface Table modules in a shared load library?


No; in the CICS region, you must have one DVVXTPR to hold the VSAM Interface Table definitions, and it must have that name. If you have a need to use different definitions for the files in different regions, you should assemble the DVVXTPR module into a CICS region-specific loadlib.

Additional Information:

For more information about using VT in your CICS regions, please refer to the CA Datacom VSAM Transparency User Guide, in the section “Preparing Transparency Tables for Online Processing.”

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD