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Escape shift key behaves differently on each TPX


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TPX - Session Management TPX- PACKAGE Vman Session Management for z/OS TPX SESSION MANAGEMENT



On one instance of CA TPX, Shift-ESCape key brings the user back to the TPX menu. On other TPX nothing happens.



1. Since TPX does not allow for coding Shift-ESC, verify how the emulator keyboard definition is interpreting Shift-ESC.  

  • In this case, the emulator keyboard was mapping Shift-ESC to Attention (ATTN) for all scenarios.


2. TPX allows you to specify how you would like to have the ATTN key behave (SMRT User Default Parameters - ATTN Option).

  • In this case, the value specified within the SMRT was different on each TPX, resulting in different behavior.
  • Once both TPX tasks used the same parameter value for this field, the behavior was the same.


Additional Information:


TEC503828 Attention Key Option In TPX




Release: NVINAM00200-5.4-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package