Customizing CA SYSVIEW Displays
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Customizing CA SYSVIEW Displays


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How to change, rename or resize the columns on a SYSVIEW display?    

This can be done using SYSVIEWs PROFILE settings.




SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 & 17.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


From SYSVIEW panels: 
  1. Go to the display you want to change and enter the PROFILE command.
  2. From the "PROFILE SECTIONS" display, select "FORMATS". This will take you to the "PROFILE SCREENS" display.
  3. Select the screen name. This will take you to the "PROFILE FORMATS" display.
  4. From the "PROFILE FORMATS" display select an existing Format definition, or select and specify a name for a new Format definition. 

     In either case this will take you to the "PROFILE FORMAT" display, which contains all the column names (FieldName)
and attributes of the display you want to change.

  1. From the "PROFILE FORMAT" display:
    • Set the scroll right/left position using the "S" (scroll) line command - all columns following the field where the is specified will be right/left scrollable. 
    • Move a column from one location to another using the " M" (move) line command in combination with an "A" (after) or "B" (before) line command. 
    • Change a field name by entering a name in the "AlternateName" field. 
    • Change a column's size by overtyping the number in the "Length" field.
  2. After all desired changes have been made, RETURN (PF3/15) back to the command display screen for which you defined the new (or modified an existing) Format.
The changes you just made to the format should now be reflected in the command display.