Why the input components for a C++ element are not shown in the component list?


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A C++ element generated using an Endevor processor that executes a CCNDRVR compile step with several include files does not display any of the input components in the component list.

//             PARM=('OPTF')                               
//USERLIB  DD DSN=&PFX..CHDR,DISP=SHR,                     

//         MONITOR=COMPONENTS,ALLOC=PMAP                   



OS: z/OS

C compiler: CCNDRVR 


For V17, download and Apply PTF RO98996
For V18, download and Apply PTF RO98989

If you apply the PTF, it is not necessary to update your processors to include the special EN$DYNxx DD  described in the Circumvention section.

If you have already added the special EN$DYNxx DD statements to your processors, it is not necessary to remove them after applying the PTF. They will not cause any problems. 

One final note:  Any C programs generated between the time the IBM C compiler was updated and when the PTF was applied, the input component list data may have been lost.  Check the component lists for your C programs and if the input component list information is incomplete, the program will need to be regenerated.