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LACP functionality to workaround incorrect Cisco Device IF type propagation (as PropVirtual)


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CA Spectrum



CA Spectrum is unable to model the LACP Interfaces correctly for a Cisco device even when at device level the LACP is configured and working. 


Spectrum 10.1.0 and above


CA Spectrum is unable to create correct Device interface hierarchy due to incorrect Interface type declaration when retrieving Interface information from managed Cisco Device. Some Cisco devices will propagate the LACP configured interfaces still as "PropVirtual" interface type (while correctly these should be propagated per 802.3adLag (IF type 161 / ieee8023adLag) to allow appropriate modeling).


CA Spectrum Release 10.1 and above can workaround this OEM problem by retrieving additional Interface and device configuration items and build the correct Interface hierarchy. To enable this functionality add the following entry to the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc :


Stop and restart the SpectroSERVER for the change to take effect.

You will also need to reconfigure all models that support LACP functionality.

Additional Information

Additional Information:

By correcting the LACP Interface hierarchy the CA Spectrum LACP Threshold alarm logic then works fine for those "OEM-problem affected devices" without the need to reconfigure at device level (remain the device setup as it is).