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Cannot View the Archived Detail Logs with DSPSLOG with CA XCOM for AS/400 r11 SP1


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Client needs a tool to be able to view the archived detail logs on his production systems.  DSPSLOG does not work to view archived detail logs.


There is a new format for the archived detail log starting with RO83736 SPOOL FILE NUMBER INCREASED TO 6 DIGITS WITH I5/OS 5.X.  At that time, the format of the XCOMDLOG spool file changed from 5 digits to 6.  


Viewing New Format Archive Logs

To be able to view this new format of archive logs please apply RO88733 DSPSLOG CANNOT DISPLAY ARCHIVED LOGS. This will allow you to view the new archive format of the XCOMDLOG with 6 digit spool numbers.  After RO88733 is applied, DSPSLOG can only display archived detail logs with 6 digit spool numbers.

Viewing Old Format Archive Logs

To view the older format that was created before the application of RO83736 SPOOL FILE NUMBER INCREASED TO 6 DIGITS WITH I5/OS 5.X, you can use this procedure to convert the archived detailed log to a 6 digit spool file number. 

  • To verify that your archived detail log is in the old format, use the following command: 
       DSPFFD <your-xcom-library>/<your-archive-file> 
  • Search for 'SPOOLNUM' . If you see that the LENGTH is not 6, then it is in old record format. 

Please use this procedure to correctly reformat the log to the new format so you can use DSPSLOG to view it:

  1.   Create a duplicate of the XCOMDLOG file without duplicating the data. 
  2.    Copy the records from LENGTH 5 archived files to the new file XCOMDLOGNW with record format field mapping turned on. 
          CPYF FROMFILE(<your-xcom-lib>/<your-archive-file>) TOFILE(<your-xcom-lib>/XCOMDLOGNW) MBROPT(*ADD) FMTOPT(*MAP) 
  3.    Now, you can use DSPSLOG to view XCOMDLOGNW. 

You will have to do these steps for every archived file which is not in the latest record format of 6 digit SPOOLNUM. 

Note: <your-xcom-lib> refers to the library where XCOM is installed.  <your-archive-file> refers to the archived log file. 



Component: XCAS4R