Need a monthly report of failed MCDS recalls
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Need a monthly report of failed MCDS recalls


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



I have to create a report showing per month how many recalls were not done for HSM MCDS and see the evolution. 


Create a sample for a DFHSM MCDS summary to get monthly count of recalls not done for last 6 month.

Here are the settings of this summary to perform.


In the Summary Object designer, do the following:

Name:         MCDS recall per month

Description: MCDS recall per month

Source Object should be: DFSMShsm MCDS Records

Set Filter: "Recalled" =   N

Select RT for Real Time or DC for Disk Checkpoint or LOG for using LOG Data

Then select the Filter Method and enter the following filters for 6 month report:

Filter Description Filter Statement
From TODAY to 30 days"Migrate Dt" <   TODAY AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-30
From 30 to 60 days"Migrate Dt" <=   TODAY-30 AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-60
From 60 to 90 days"Migrate Dt" <=   TODAY-60 AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-90
From 90 to 120 days"Migrate Dt" <=   TODAY-90 AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-120
From 120 to 150 days"Migrate Dt" <=   TODAY-120 AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-150
From 150 to 180 days"Migrate Dt" <=   TODAY-150 AND  "Migrate Dt" >=  TODAY-180

Then Select COUNT option but don't select any fields.

Then select OK to create the summary.

Additional Information:

This sample could be modified to match your needs.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Vantage Storage Manager if you have further questions on how to proceed.


Release: SMV3EN00200-12.6-Graphical Management Interface