CA Service Catalog content not displaying in Unified Self Service (USS)
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CA Service Catalog content not displaying in Unified Self Service (USS)


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Within the Unified Self Service front-end we are not able to see the CA Service Catalog content displaying. The data source to Catalog is correctly configured, and the “Test” option returns success, however if I go to Common Administration the screen is blank.


CA Embedded Entitlements Manager 12.51 is configured for multiple domains on a CA Service Management 14.1 system.


USS expects users to be specified in the domain\user format, rather than just the user id without the domain prefix, when using multiple domain bindings for EEM.


There are two possible solutions here; to either configure EEM to use the Basic LDAP Directory integration, or use the domain prefix on the userid.

To switch EEM to using ‘Basic’ LDAP binding:

  • ·        Connect to the EEM User Interface as EiamAdmin
  • ·        Go to the Configure Tab, and click on User Store
  • ·        In the User Store settings, choose “Reference from an external LDAP Directory”, then “Basic LDAP Directory” rather than “Multiple Microsoft Active Directory Domains” or “Microsoft Active Directory Forest”
  • ·        Click “Add external LDAP directory” and configure the system to point at the directory you require.

To define users with the domain prefix, either go to the Administration > Users screen of the CA Service Catalog UI and edit the definition there, or run the LDAPImporter utility to bulk import users with the domain as part of their ID.

Additional Information:

Instructions for configuring CA Embedded Entitlements Manager and using the LDAPImporter utility can be found in this section of the CA Service Management 14.1 documentation:


Release: CASVCT99000-14.1-Service Catalog