Received message ESP1072W on the JOBSTATS data set during the ESP Master restart
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Received message ESP1072W on the JOBSTATS data set during the ESP Master restart


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ESP Workload Automation



When the CA WA ESP Edition Master subsystem is started, the following warning message is issued:

ESP1072W 65% CI usage, 100% CA usage, 111 extents, Dsn=cai.esp.JOBSTATS.DATA 

This message shows that the JOBSTATS data set uses 111 extents, and therefore the best action is to expand it.

This Knowledge Document describes how to expand and how to maintain the CA WA ESP Edition JOBSTATS data set.


The CA WA ESP Edition JOBSTATS data set is a VSAM KSDS file, and is used only by the ESP Master subsystem.

The JOBSTATS data set contains job statistics and the number of instances of each record type to keep. This job information enhances the anticipated end-time, default resource, and critical-path calculations for CA WA ESP Edition.


This applies to CA WA ESP Edition r11.4


1. Clean up the JOBSTATS data set using CA WA ESP Edition CYBESUT8 utility.  (This step may be bypassed if CYBESUT8 is used on a regular basis.) 

Here's how:  Execute page mode command "OPER CALLRTN CYBESUT8 UPDATE AGE(nn) JOB(-)" to delete jobs that are older than nn days.  Note that all instances of a job must meet the specified AGE to get deleted.  This means that daily jobs will probably never get deleted.

To see how many jobs meet the age criteria first, run page mode command "OPER CALLRTN CYBESUT8 ANALYZE AGE(nn) JOB(-)". 

2. Expand the size of the JOBSTATS data set.  Here's how:

  • Shutdown the ESP master subsystem.  (The proxies may remain active.) 
  • Run IDCAMS DEFINE to allocate a new JOBSTATS data set.  (Sample IDCAMS DEFINE job is in ESP library CD7YJCL, member name CYBESS01.)
  • Run IDCAMS REPRO to copy the current JOBSTATS data set to the newly allocated data set.
  • Rename the newly allocated data set to the name of the current JOBSTATS data set.  
  • Bring up the ESP master subsystem. 

Additional Information:

To maintain the JOBSTATS data set, run CYBESUT8 utility as an ESP page mode command, or schedule a batch job run.  

Sample batch job to delete job name records in the JOBSTATS data set that are older than 366 days:



//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                 

//SYSIN      DD *                                        



CA does not have a recommendation on the retention period.  If the AGE operand is not coded, the default is 366 days.

The CYBESUT8 utility is documented in the CA WA ESP Edition Programming Guide r11.4 on page 171.  This utility must run while the ESP subsystem is active.


Release: ENCWLA00200-11.4-Workload Automation-Restart Option-EE