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Changing concurrent capacity value of the VSE service for DevTest 10.X or upper.


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From DevTest 10. X or upper, the "Concurrent capacity:" field in the "Deploy Virtual Service" Dialog is grayed out and cannot be set except the default value "1".
How do we change the concurrent capacity value for DevTest 10.X  or upper?



Release: Service Virtualization all versions
Component: VSE




For tuning the performance of the Virtual Service Environment (VSE) services, the concurrent capacity value can be changed in deployed VSE services. However, after the version of DevTest 8.0.2, the setting method for the concurrent capacity has been changed.

By default,, the concurrent capacity for VSE service is always "1". So if we would like to change the concurrent capacity value, we should set the property "lisa.vse.performance.enabled=true" in the file for VSE server and restart the VSE server.

When deploying the VSE service from the Workstation, the value of the "Concurrent capacity:" field is grayed out in the Deploy Virtual Service Dialog like below:

But we can change the concurrent capacity value after deploying the VSE service from the DevTest Console.Please change the "Capacity:" field like the screenshot he concurrent capacity when deploying.
The "Concurrent capacity:" field at the Deploy Virtual Service Dialog in the workstation can be changed if the file for the VSE server includes "lisa.vse.performance.enabled=true". Please refer the screenshot below("Concurrent capacity:" field)


Concurrent Capacity can also be modified in the portal . Make sure you SAVE it after making the changes.