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PLA Batch Processing job fails with LAE0008E SORT terminating. Return/Abend Code: 16


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24X7 High-Availability Manager for DB2 for z/OS Batch Processor Compile QQF Data Compressor for DB2 for z/OS CA Unicenter NSM RC/Update for DB2 for z/OS DB2 TOOLS- DATABASE MISC



A batch job that uses CA Log Analyzer to extract data fails with these messages: 

LAE0008E SORT terminating. Return/Abend Code: 16  

LAE0282I SORT package detected: DFSORT                                        

  LAE0425I Old log read path taken.                                             

  LAE0297I Beginning Log Extract processing.   

User reports that a batch job that uses CA Log Analyzer to extract some data is recently failing with the following message: 

LAE0008E SORT terminating. Return/Abend Code: 16 

 LAE0008E SORT terminating.  Return/Abend Code: 16                              

LAE0032E [email protected] terminated with return/abend code: 16                       


 RETCODE =    16                                                                 



This isa sort problem. There seems to be too much data to handle. Here are the options to get around the sort problem:

1-Extend the amount and volume of sort work datasets on DYNSORT statement.

2- If option 1 doesn't help, run few shorter ranges separately.

 3-If the first 2 options are unsuccessful, try to find another way to limit the data like using additional filter say for a particular user.



Component: PLA