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Virtual Service works in ITR but fails when deployed to VSE


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)



The same virtual service endpoint responds when running in ITR on a workstation, but when deployed on the VSE it doesn’t work. Other services are work fine on that VSE.

Exception from VSE.log:

2016-01-20 18:17:44,835Z (10:17) [Event Sink Thread Pool Thread 2] ERROR com.itko.lisa.simulator.SimulatorImpl - Got exception in pulse(), Coordinator died?

java.rmi.RemoteException: Attempting to call method on local object, but object not found in co-located objects - it must have been deregistered:





All Devtest releases



- Sometimes the modifications made on the local workstation for a VS fail to update at the server when deployed and VS picks up the old mar from VSEDeploy folder.

- This behavior could also result from .mar or mar.racking files generated due to incomplete or corrupted deployment not being cleaned up and replaced with new deployment.



- From the vseDeploy folder, deleting the mar and mar.racking files of the specific Virtual Service which is giving issue and restarting VSE component should resolve the issue.