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RAID status shows unavailable on MTP Web UI System status page


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)



RAID status shows unavailable in MTP web UI. How to fix it:




RAID monitoring is done with Adaptech arcconf utility. If this is not installed/configured properly, you will see “RAID status Unavailable” message in the MTP Web UI.


Adaptec arcconf  free utility must be downloaded and installed at the customer location.We do not currently have permission to distribute it.  If this step is not done, then the System Status page will indicate ‘Status not available’ in the RAID section and MTP will not be able to generate any of the traps related to RAID failures.

Specific steps for performing the installation and configuring the network settings as well as information on installing the Adaptec arcconf utility are documented in the Multi-Port Collector Installation Guide which is included on the Software Installation CD.

Multi-Port Collector provides RAID status monitoring when the Adaptec Storage Manager (arcconf) utility is installed. If this utility is not installed, Multi-Port Collector does not receive RAID-related SNMP traps. In addition, the RAID section indicates "Status unavailable" on the System Status page in the web interface.

Follow these steps:

Download the Adaptec Storage Manager, v6.00.17922, from the Adaptec website.

Note:Version 6.00.17922 for 64-bit Linux is the only version that has been tested with Multi-Port Collector.

2. Copy the asm_linux_x64_v6_00_17922.rpm file to the /tmp folder on the appliance. Use a method of your choosing, such as the WinSCP secure copy client.

Note:Secure copy tools require credentials to log in to the appliance. Use the netqos account.

3. Log in to Linux on the appliance using the netqos account.

4. Install the .rpm file:

sudo /opt/NetQoS/install/ /tmp/asm_linux_x64_v6_00_17922.rpm

The message "Stopping Adaptec Storage Manager agent" is normal.

5. Verify the status of the first RAID controller (the System array):

sudo /usr/StorMan/arcconf getconfig 1

6. Verify the status of the second RAID controller (the Data array):

sudo /usr/StorMan/arcconf getconfig 2

After the Adaptec utility is installed, the System Status page on the Multi-Port Collector web interface displays the status of both RAID arrays. RAID status is monitored every 2 minutes, which can cause a short delay before the status is displayed on the System Status page.

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Release: SAMCNH99000-9.3-NetQoS-SuperAgent-Management Console-Hardware