What is a Return Code 85(002) error in message DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 85 (002)


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When running a job to access the CA Datacom Multi-User Facility (called MUF), I received an error message:

DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 85 (002)

What is wrong, and how do I correct it?


This is the description of the RC 85(002) error:

The job has requested XCF access to a remote Multi-User Facility. The job has requested more task areas (by itself) than the TASKS xcfnumber MUF startup option allows.                              


Increase the value of the 5th subparameter (xcfnumber) of the TASKS MUF Startup Option to handle the number of tasks that will be running in the MUF from remote LPARs. This value will take effect the next time that the MUF is started.

If the MUF cannot be restarted and this value needs to change before then, there is a console command available to version 14.0 and higher that will allow the value to be changed: /f mufstc,TASKS_XCF xcfnumber (where 1 <= xcfnumber <= 4000).

Additional Information:

For more information about changing the MUF Startup Options, please refer to the following documents:

CA Datacom/DB Version 14.02 Database and System Administration Guide, section “Using the Multi-User FacilityModifying MUF Startup Options

CA Datacom/DB Version 15.0 Database and System Administration Guide, section “Using the Multi-User FacilityModifying MUF Startup Options

For more information about using the console command to dynamically change the value of the XCF tasks, please refer to TEC1458172, titled “CA Datacom Version 14.0 provides console command TASKS_XCF to help resolve RC 85(002).

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


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