XCOMU0465E and XCOMU0466E when starting XCOM
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XCOMU0465E and XCOMU0466E when starting XCOM


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When I try to start xcomd using a script, receive the following messages and XCOM does not start. 

2016/01/19 11:38:19 PRG=xcomd PID=13828204 
XCOMU0465E Check of xcom.glb pathnames failed. 

2016/01/19 11:38:19 PRG=xcomd PID=13828204 
XCOMU0466E Unable to create an index file for queue. 


XCOM for AIX, or any other Unix/Linux platform
Release: Any


Environmental variable of XCOM_HOME has not been set to XCOM installation directory and exported.
This command will return no result because the xcomd is not actually running correctly:
ps -ef | grep xcomd | grep -v grep
However if this command is run to check for XCOM shared memory/semaphore keys it will return results:
ipcs | grep 0x00000019
For example:
0x00000019 327680     root       666        338572     0
0x00000019 393220     root       666        1


If using a script to initiate/start the xcomd daemon, make sure that the environmental variable of XCOM_HOME has the correct path to the XCOM installation directory (default /opt/CA/XCOM) and that variable is exported.
If manually initiating/starting the xcomd daemon, double check the value of the XCOM_HOME variable with command: echo $XCOM_HOME
Should the value be null or incorrect define and export the variable with the following 2 commands: XCOM_HOME=/opt/CA/XCOM; export XCOM_HOME

NOTE: If xcomd has been started without XCOM_HOME being correctly set then it must be first be shutdown using the "xcomd -cy" command to clear the shared memory because a normal shutdown with "xcomd -s" will not clear the shared memory in that scenario i.e.
If use "xcomd -s" to do the shutdown then even after setting XCOM_HOME the xcomd will not start and this message will be received: XCOMU0474E xcomd is already running. Multiple instances not supported.
After using "xcomd -cy" to shutdown xcomd and clear shared memory, then with XCOM_HOME correctly set, the xcomd will start with expected message: XCOMU0088I The XCOMD CA XCOM Data Transport Scheduler Service started, Version ...
In general, xcomd should only be stopped by using command "xcomd -s" to allow active transfers to complete: XCOM Data Transport for UNIX/Linux 11.6.1 > Reference > Operating Environment > The xcomd Command

Additional Information

XCOM Data Transport for UNIX/Linux 11.6.1 > Installing > Install Using ISO Conventional Method > Install Using Console Mode - see Perform the Post Installation Tasks
During an XCOM installation required XCOM environment variable XCOM_HOME (and XCOM_JAVA_HOME in 12.0) is also set in the system profile e.g. under Linux, the file /etc/profile which is used for bash and other Bourne compatible shells.
In a future XCOM PTF a check will be made for the setting of the XCOM_HOME environment variable before trying to open the xcom.glb file and if not set a message will be issued.