Received messages "XCOMU0465E Check of xcom.glb pathnames failed." and "XCOMU0466E Unable to create an index file for queue." when starting XCOM


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When I try to start xcomd using a script, I get the following messages to the screen and CA XCOM does not start. 

2016/01/19 11:38:19 PRG=xcomd PID=13828204 
XCOMU0465E Check of xcom.glb pathnames failed. 

2016/01/19 11:38:19 PRG=xcomd PID=13828204 
XCOMU0466E Unable to create an index file for queue. 


CA XCOM r11.6 for AIX, or any other Unix/Linux platform


If using a script to initiate/start the xcomd deamon, you need to make sure that the environmental variable of XCOM_HOME has the correct path and that the statements in that script are correctly sourced.

If you are manually initiating/starting the xcomd deamon, you can double check the value of the XCOM_HOME variable with command: echo $XCOM_HOME. Should the value be null or incorrect you can temporarily correct that by defining the variable with the following commands: XCOM_HOME=/opt/CA/XCOM; export XCOM_HOME.

You may want to define the variable permanently to your systems accordingly depending on the OS being used. 








Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX