ObserveIT PUPM how can we change windows port used?
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ObserveIT PUPM how can we change windows port used?


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We have an application on windows that uses TCP port 5050 and we can see that Observe IT agent uses this port too.

WE can see some configuration files on a windows agent with this port specified.

How can we change Observe IT agent to use another port ?




This solution describes how to enable the ObserveIT Service Components Controller to listen to ports other than the default port 5050.

There are two ways to change the listening port:

1. Via a command line (before installation) by changing the Agent Windows Service port number that is passed to the ObserveIT.Agent.msi setup.

2. After Agent installation, by modifying the “rcdcl.exe.config” and “rcdsvc.exe.config” configuration files.

Via a Command Line

The following steps describe how to change the default listening port number for Agent installation (or upgrade) by using the msiexec command.

Note: You can use the “msiexec” command to install all Agents with the same listening port.

1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to the ObserveITAgent setup directory.

2. Run the Agent installation from a command line by using the “msiexec” command with the following installation parameters:

msiexec /i "./ObserveIT.Agent.msi" /norestart SERVERURL="http://servername:4884/ObserveITApplicationServer" SRVPOLTMPL="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" WINSRVPORT=5050

where the value of the WINSRVPORT parameter is your required port number for the Agent Windows Service.

Modifying the Configuration Files

The following procedure describes how to change the listening port for an Agent after installation.

Note: You must repeat this procedure for each Agent on which you want to change the listening port.

1. Open the folder in which the Agent is installed, and create a backup of the files "rcdsvc.exe.config" and "rcdcl.exe.config”.

2. Edit the "rcdsvc.exe.config" file, as follows:

a. Locate the "<appSettings>" section.

b. Add the following line to the end of the section, where "{port}” is your required port number.

<add key="AgentPort" value ="{port}" />

c. Save the "rcdsvc.exe.config" file.

3. Edit the “rcdcl.exe.config” file by repeating step 2 (a-c) described above.

4. Restart your machine to enable the Agent to start automatically and register with the ObserveIT Application Server.






Release: ACP1M005900-12.8-Privileged Identity Manager