SNMPCollector requires NAS on my secondary hubs. Do I need to setup NAS replication.


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The snmpcollector documentation states that NAS is required on the remote hub.
Why is NAS required and do I need to setup nas replication to the primary?
Are there and downsides to doing this?



The snmpcollector probe has a requirement for the PPM probe.

The PPM probe is responsible for configuration of probes and allows for the setup of Time Over Threshold (TOT) and  Time To Threshold (TTT).

As such, to use these two features, NAS is required on a remote hub so that Alarm_enrichment can process the TOT and TTT messages.

Snmpcollector will work with out NAS being installed on the secondary hub but NO probes on that hub will have access to TOT or TTT.

It is BEST practice to setup NAS replication when you have mutiple nas rather than setting up Alarm queues as this can offload some of the Alarm processing from the primary if pre-processing rules and AO operations are handled on the local NAS rather than the primary.
NOTE: Setting up NAS replication will BREAK Root Cause Analysis (RCA) / Fault Correlation (FC).
FC can not work properly with NAS replication.



Release: CNMSPP99000-8.2-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


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