Docker CMP - Recreate Instructions (Upgrading from Version older than EMP 15.2.0)
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Docker CMP - Recreate Instructions (Upgrading from Version older than EMP 15.2.0)


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AppNeta DX NetOps


Required Recreation of Docker CMP when upgrading to latest release from version older than EMP 15.2.0


CMP running version older than EMP 15.2.0.


Recreate Docker Instance with the following steps:

1. Select Recreate from the Gear Icon on the Monitoring Points Page:

2. This will generate a curl command to download a fresh cmp package, example:

curl -X POST --header "Authorization: Token <token>" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/gzip" "https://<server><hostname>?uuid=<uuid>" -o compose.<hostname>.tar.gz

3. Paste into Linux instance currently hosting your docker cmp to download image.

4. Unzip docker image with the below command:

tar -xf compose.<hostname>.tar.gz

5. Cd into newly created directory

cd <hostname> 

6. Run the container setup script:

sudo ./ install

**Optional** - If a proxy is required, it should be added using the below syntax:

sudo ./ install -x http://<user>:<pass>@<proxy_host>:<proxy_port>

**Note - If you are prompted "Would you like to use host networking?" enter y.**

7. Start the CMP

sudo docker compose -f mp-compose.yaml pull
sudo docker compose -f mp-compose.yaml up -d

8. Verify CMP is back online on the AppNeta Portal, this may take a few minutes

Additional Information

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