Integrate with App Synthetic Monitor (ASM)
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Integrate with App Synthetic Monitor (ASM)


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Trying to read documentation and not seeing if this agent can run on windows servers. Is it possible to install agent on a windows server.

Integrate with App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) (


APM 10.8


There is a Windows version of the ASM Agent for 10.8 APM. Best is to follow the instructions at this link. You need to download the Infrastructure Agent from our Support site.

After logging in, go to Enterprise Software -> My Downloads -> APM -> CA Introscope Agent MULTI-PLATFORM and click on 10.8 SP1 (latest and greatest agents). Scroll down to find and download that.

Then extract it and install it. The ASM agent is inside <agent home>\apmia\extensions\asm-monitor<version #>

Download App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) Extension

Also, when you configure the for the asm-monitor extension, be sure to add the email address and the API password of the master account. Subaccounts won't be allowed to communicate via API. Also remember that the ASM API password is not the same as the ASM site login password.