Clean up PCT Personalities while in the deployment phase
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Clean up PCT Personalities while in the deployment phase


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Capturing PCT personalities and the list is growing long.  We would like to clean them up every day.  Is there a way to do that?


Use some text string in the name of your PCT Captures:

Then I created this SQL query that moves anything with the PCT-Capture name to the ItemToDelete Table.  You could run this as a SQL Server Task on the SMP at 5:58pm each night to remove the day’s PCT captures (ItemToDelete table is cleared out on the NS.Quarter-hour schedule):

--Insert item into ItemToDelete table and let the delete framework remove any other references
insert into
ItemToDelete (Guid, DeleteDate)
select guid, getdate()
from vItem
where name like 'PCT-Capture%'


This will delete the Package and PCT item in Image Management, which starts the countdown for the Package to be removed off the package servers as well.

It will be necessary to chose the correct PCT on the Deployment task due to this change.