Error when importing GPG keys for Aria Config Installer
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Error when importing GPG keys for Aria Config Installer


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VMware Aria Suite


While following the instructions for installing Aria Config, users may run into an error as follows:

warning: Signature not supported. Hash algorithm SHAl not available.

error: keys/SaltStack Packaging Team (DESTBFBE) Public.asc: key 1 import failed.


VMware Aria Automation Config 8.x


The key bundled with the Aria Config installer to sign the packages for SaltProject uses a SHA-1 algorithm. The key is still valid, but this error may occur on systems that have FIPS enabled, or newer systems that have deprecated this algorithm. The signing key has since been updated to a newer algorithm on the SaltProject repository.


The latest signing key is available directly from the SaltProject in the repository for your distribution. Please follow the instructions available directly from SaltProject to install Salt on your server. Then proceed with the Aria Config installer documentation. Instructions for installing SaltProject can be found at

The latest documentation for Aria Config installation can be found at