Critical Notification not sent for aggregate interfaces
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Critical Notification not sent for aggregate interfaces


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We had a critical Threshold Alert get triggered on an aggregate but the Notification email was not sent even though the aggregate interfaces were part of the notification group. 


DX NetOps Performance Management: 23.3.x


Aggregated component events are synced on device level. The aggregate components and the associated devices need to be added to the notification group. 


When setting up notification groups for aggregate components, ensure that the associated devices are included in the notification group. 

We are targeting 23.3.11 for a fix. It's going to do the following:

We will sync a relationship from single device to aggregate-component if all are come from single device, to Portal.

It will add a device parent EventItem to the event if coming from single device/aggregate-component.