Network tags are missing in the network profiles
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Network tags are missing in the network profiles


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VMware Aria Suite


VMware Aria Automation 8.x experiences missing network tags in network profiles after saving the changes.
While Network tags appear for the IP segment in UI, they disappear upon saving.


Aria Automation 8.x


This is a user interface (UI) limitation, When a network profile contains a large number of networks with unique tags (over 100), the UI only retrieves the first 100 tags from the API. This results in missing network tags in the UI despite their presence in the system.


This is a known issue where we have a limitation of 100 Network tags.
Engineering is working towards a fix in the upcoming version. 

Option 1: Reduce the number of network tags below 100.
Option 2: If reducing the number of network tags is not a way forward, please reach out to the support 

Additional Information

We can verify the issue by examining HAR files captured during UI interactions. Look for the "tags?expand" API call and confirm the number of total tags (e.g., 324) exceeds the document count (e.g., 100).