Broadcom Trial Request Workflow
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Broadcom Trial Request Workflow


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Broadcom is pleased to announce the availability of a new self-service Trial request workflow available on the Broadcom Support Portal.

This provides Enterprise Users the ability to request free 90 day trials on eligible support products. 

If you do not have an Enterprise User profile, click HERE for instructions on how to register and get started. 


To request a new 90 day Trial please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Broadcom Support Portal with your Enterprise User profile. 
  2. From the My Dashboard landing page click the Trial & Beta option from the left navigation menu. 

  3. The default landing page will show My Trials. 

  4. To view available Trial software, select the appropriate division from the drop-down menu and select the All Trials tab.

  5. Select Request Trial, enter the site ID you would like to associate your Trial software with and the quantity. 

    NOTE: The quantity value is dependent on the support product setup (i.e. number of cores, number of licenses, etc.).

  6. Once the request is submitted, a $0 / 90 day contract request is placed and the support product tile moves to the My Trials tab and shows Pending.

  7. Once the $0 / 90 day contract is fulfilled the product tile will show the expiration date along with quick links to download the software binaries and access your license keys.

Additional Information

  • Trials are defaulted to 90 day via the self-service portal. Please contact your sales representative if you require a longer duration trial.
  • You can request only 1x Trial per support product per site ID. If a user has more than 1x site ID associated with their Enterprise User profile, additional trials for the same support product can be requested simultaneously.