Epic name change in Rally got overwritten from Clarity side but sync is set to both directions
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Epic name change in Rally got overwritten from Clarity side but sync is set to both directions


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We have Clarity and Rally integrated and are syncing data between Rally Epics and a Custom Investment Type we're calling an Epic in Clarity. We have the Name field being synced in both directions on create and update. We experienced a situation where a user changed the name on the Rally side. On the next sync, the name in Rally was overwritten from Clarity. Another user then updated the name on Clarity on the subsequent sync was updated on the Rally side. Why did the name in Rally get overwritten from Clarity if the sync is in both directions? I would have expected the name in Clarity to get updated as the update was made in Rally.


We found a scenario where the update in Rally was not applied to Clarity. This is based on updates were made in Clarity after the Rally Epic Name was updated AND before the Clarity sync job was run.

For the test scenario in Dev you can force the timing to get off by updating name in Rally, then updating something else on the Epic in Clarity, then run the sync job.

Here are the steps to reproduce:
1) Update the Rally Epic Name (hold off on running Synchronize Mapped Information right away)
2) Make an update to the same Epic in Clarity (for example, in Clarity change the Epic Investment Finish date)
3) Now run Synchronize Mapped Information
Expected: Epic Name in Clarity updated from Rally side
Actual: Epic Name in Rally was updated from Clarity side
(the last_update date is by object, not field so in this scenario Clarity will be the one used and applied to Rally)

When using Integration direction of 'Both' the Integration always looks at the Last Updated Date to find the updated one to sync to other side and design is Last Update Date is at object level, not field level so there's really no way around this timing issue. You could try scheduling the sync job to run at interval that works for both teams changes are made.

For informational purposes Connect All platform provides almost real-time bidirectional synchronization of data between the Rally and Clarity solution, to get a better picture that the data is telling. 

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