Add alarm definition to the situation
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Add alarm definition to the situation


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I have a custom situation that looks for some specific message text in the rules. This is working fine and easily combines multiple alarms into a single situation.

I would like to add a specific alarm definition/description to the situation rules and force the situation to use this alarm as most impacted and ROOT CAUSE

How would I construct the situation rules to accomplish this?

Here is the working situation definition with preview examples

I would like to have to following alarm included in the situation and if it exists make it the root cause AND most impacted host

Note this situation has service boundaries so only Site Power alarm that is in the same service as the active situation can be applied


For now, we do not support it. An enhancement request was already raised, it will be evaluated and put in our backlog to be deployed soon.

To follow up on the status of this request, please raise a ticket on and refer to this knowledge article in order to get the status.