Symantec DLP data source missing
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Symantec DLP data source missing


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Information Centric Analytics


All previously configured Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) data sources are missing from the Information Centric Analytics (ICA) console under Admin > Integration > Data Sources tab > Choose Data Source | Symantec Data Loss Prevention. The nightly RiskFabric Processing job appears to hang during the Run Staging Procedures step (4) and a SQL Server Profiler trace shows no stored procedure or TSQL events against the database for an extended period of time.


Version : 6.x

Component : Symantec DLP Integration Pack


One or more Oracle database servers hosting the Symantec DLP database are reachable but unresponsive to connection test requests by ICA. When the Symantec Data Loss Prevention data source page is loaded, the following statement is executed against the linked server of each DLP data source:

EXEC sp_testlinkedserver @servername=N'<linked server name>';

The page will not load any data source details until a result is returned for all DLP linked servers.


Troubleshoot and resolve the issues affecting the Oracle database server in question with the assistance of your Symantec DLP administrator and Oracle database administrator (DBA). If additional support is required and you are running the Standard edition of Oracle database, contact Broadcom support. If you are running the Enterprise edition of Oracle database, contact Oracle for support.