"TCP/IP: Application Traffic" entries not matching any Business Application Names in NetMaster
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"TCP/IP: Application Traffic" entries not matching any Business Application Names in NetMaster


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


The NetMaster "TCP/IP : Application Traffic" panel (/BIZ.TRS) shows several entries names that do not match any Business Application Name defined in the "TCP/IP : Application Name Definition List" panel (/IPAPPLS).

 Is it correct? If so, how can match an entry in the "TCP/IP : Application Traffic" panel with a Business Application Name in /IPAPPLS?


The way the Business Application Names are generated


This is correct, as a Business Application name could be generated using different options. The way to relate a an entry in the "TCP/IP : Application Traffic" (/BIZ.TRS) panel to a Business Application Name definition (/IPAPPLS) is the following.


Let's say that in the "TCP/IP : Application Traffic" panel, you have the following three entries (QAxxx*) that are not defined in the /IPAPPLS list:

xxxxxxxx--------------- TCP/IP : Application Traffic --------------------------
Command ===>                                                   Scroll ===> CSR 
    Sort Order: Last 1min Bytes (Descending)       Filter: None                
    Line 36 of 100 (from 140 matching records, 140 total records)              
                  S=Traffic Statistics C=Connections DT=TCP Conn Duration Times
                      ---------------------- Last Minute ----------------------
    Application       Packets   Pkts In  Pkts Out     Bytes  Bytes In Bytes Out
    QAxxx03                 0         0         0         0         0         0
    QAxxx02                 0         0         0         0         0         0
    QAxxx01                 0         0         0         0         0         0
  1. Go to the "NCL Debug : Packet Analyzer Records List" panel (/XDB.PKTANAL)
  2. Select (S) AIN entry
  3. Locate the entries that you want to check and take note of the Order number (32766 in this case):
    xxxxxxxx------- NCL Debug : Packet Analyzer AIN Records List ------------------
    Command ===>                                                   Scroll ===> CSR 
                                                          S/B=Browse VD=View Dump
      --------- Record Key --------- ---- ADF Key -----   LastUpd                
      Stack     Application          Order               Mins ago                
      TCPIP     QAxxx01              32766                    265                
      TCPIP     QAxxx02              32766                   1163                
      TCPIP     QAxxx03              32766                   1164   
  4. Go to the  /IPAPPL and Select the entry with that Order value (32766):
    xxxxxxxx---------------------------------------------------- TCP/IP : Application Name Definition
    Command ===>                                                                                     
     Application Name Entry                                                                           
       Order .................... 32766                                                               
       Application Name Base ....                                                                     
     Connection Match Criteria                                                                        
       Application Jobname ......                                                                     
       TCP/IP Stack Jobname .....                                                                     
       Local Port Range ......... 0-65535                                                             
       Remote Address Range .....                                                                     
       Remote Port Range ........                                                                     
     Processing Options                                                                               
       Generate Name ............ JOBNAME                                                             
       Deliver Records .......... NONE                                                                
       Write INIT Records ....... DEFAULT                                                             
       Write TERM Records ....... DEFAULT                                                             
       Write zERT Records ....... DEFAULT                                                             
       Collect Statistics? ...... YES                                                                 
       Expiry Period (minutes)    0      


Since the "Application Name Base" is empty and the "Generate Name" is set to JOBNAME, the entries in the "TCP/IP : Application Traffic" are generated with the jobname of the application.